Tech Recommendations from Students

Are you a new student looking to hear from students about their experience with tech on campus?

Tech Hub employs a diverse group of students with their own unique experiences with classes, programs, and technology. Some majors can use almost any laptop they want, and others are much more specific. If you're feeling a little lost, or just want another opinion, Tech Hub is here for you.

Below are some common questions or circumstances that we get from incoming students.

I'm taking science or math classes, including general education courses.

Consider getting an iPad or 2-in-1 laptop. Students find it very useful to diagram molecules, write lengthy equations, or catalog hundreds of flash cards on a single device, with infinite editing and erasing capabilities. It is not necessary, but it is very helpful to have.

I will need to use CAD programs like SolidWorks or AutoCAD.

Some majors use them extensively, like Mechanical Engineering and Architecture. If you are pursuing a degree that will use these intensive programs, you will need a powerful device with a dedicated GPU, 16 GB of RAM, and an i7 processor or equivalent. These CAD programs are also typically exclusive to Windows devices.

Note that all engineering students will take one course that uses SolidWorks. This part of the course is not enough to warrant choosing a specific laptop that can handle it. Students typically find they can accomplish this introductory course's CAD work in the computer lab and during class. If you will not be doing more CAD work beyond this required class, you have significantly more leniency on the laptop you purchase.

I'm going into Veterinary Medicine.

This program currently requires an iPad. Veterinary Medicine has additional requirements for accessories, including a privacy screen for the device, which are detailed here

I'm going into a humanities/general Arts & Sciences major.

If you don't need a specific operating system, a powerful processor, or diagramming capabilities, we always recommend to stick with what you know. Did you use Mac in high school? Stay with it! Do you have experience with Windows? Keep going. The main exception to this rule is the Chromebook; if possible, avoid using a Chromebook for college.

How much storage do I need on my laptop/tablet?

Students have access to a lot of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage (currently 5 TB). Therefore, we typically recommend to go lower for actual storage on the device, as it saves money and is almost never necessary.

Do I have to buy from Tech Hub to get repairs and tech support?

At Tech Hub, we are certified to repair certain Dell® and Apple® devices. If you elect to get a device outside of what we sell, we will be unable to service any hardware repairs on it. 

That being said, you do not need to purchase from us. We accept AppleCare+ and Dell® Premium Support, and we can also do out of warranty repairs, paid for out-of-pocket.

I plan on bringing my desktop to campus.

This is technically doable, albeit with only one monitor usually being able to fit on the desk. We still recommend these students get some sort of portable device. Confining your ability to do homework, collaborate on projects, and study for your classes to your dorm room's desk is not ideal. It is also convenient to be able to bring a device to your classes. 


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