Protection Plans

Protection plans offer additional protection for your device, including accidental damage coverage.

We fix thousands of devices every year, and the majority of them are covered by a warranty plan, offering peace-of-mind for many students, faculty & staff.

Pricing depends on the plan, cost of the device, and length of coverage. See available plans below.

Tech Hub Protection Plan

Tech Hub partners with Safeware to provide comprehensive coverage to Ohio State students, faculty, and staff. The Tech Hub Protection Plan covers device failures caused by accidental damage (drops, liquid spills, screen cracks, etc.), as well as failures caused by manufacturer defects (hard drive failure, bad motherboard, etc.).

Cosmetic damage (scratches, dents) is not covered. The damage must cause a functional issue with the device to be covered under the Tech Hub Protection Plan. Battery consumption is also not covered under the Tech Hub Protection Plan.

The price of the Tech Hub Protection Plan is determined by the cost of the device.

2 Year Coverage:

<$1000: $99.99

4 Year Coverage:

<$1000: $219.99

$1000-$2000: $299.99

$2000+: $399.99

There is no repair incident limit. The only limits to the coverage are the term (4 years or 2 years), and the purchase value of the computer. If you bought a $1500 computer, and needed 4 repairs done that totalled $1400 in cost, you won’t need to pay a dime for any of them. If you then needed a 5th repair that costs $150, you would be responsible for $50 of that repair cost, while the Plan covers $100, and your Plan will have been exhausted at that point.

The repair process normally takes 5-7 business days. This is for routine repairs such as a broken LCD screen. However, for repairs that we do not fix in-house, please allow for 10-14 business days to have your computer fixed. Note: Due to the worldwide computer part shortage repair times are longer than usual. Please allow for extra time to have your computer repired.

If you can not come to Tech Hub to get your computer fixed and have the Tech Hub Protection Plan, you have several options:

  • You can contact Tech Hub to have the computer shipped and repaired here.
  • You can find a nearby authorized Safeware repair center. Contact Safeware to find the nearest location.
  • You can take your computer to a repair center that is authorized to fix your brand of computer but may not be a Safeware partner. In this case, you will need to pay the repair center with your own funds, and file a claim with Safeware for reimbursement.

Tech Hub also sells AppleCare+ for eligible devices. AppleCare+ covers device failures caused by accidental damage (drops, liquid spills, screen cracks, etc.), as well as failures caused by manufacturer defects (hard drive failure, bad motherboard, etc.). Battery consumption is covered by AppleCare+. Lost and stolen devices are not included under AppleCare+.

The prices of AppleCare+ are below (subject to change as new products lauch):

2 Year

iPad 9th Generation, 10th Generation or Mini: $69

iPad Air 5: $79

iPad Pro 11-inch: $119

iPad Pro 12.9-inch: $139

3 Year

MacBook Air M1: $169

MacBook Air M2: $189

MacBook Pro 13-inch: $209

MacBook Pro 14-inch: $234

MacBook Pro 16-inch: $334

iMac 24-inch: $159

Note: Most devices can be covered by AppleCare+. If you do not see your device on this list, please give us a call to discuss your options.

AppleCare+ allows unlimited accidental damage repair incidents per year. However, there are no manufacter defect repair limits. Each incident is subject to a service fee of $99 for screen damage or exterenal enclosure damage, or $299 for other accidental damages (ie. water damage). There is a 90 day limited warranty after any repair that is covered by AppleCare+.

Don't remember if you purchased AppleCare+ for your device? Check out the AppleCare+ Lookup Tool.

For more information on features and coverage please visit the AppleCare+ website.

Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Dell and Apple both offer manufacturer limited warranty for the first year of owning the device. The manufacturer limited warranty covers any manufacturer defect, which does not include any accidental damage (ie. water damage).

If your device is covered under manufacturer limited warranty you may have it serviced at the Tech Hub.

Please see the Apple Warranty page for more information.

Please see the Dell Warranty page for more information.

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