Alumni Discount Program @ Tech Hub

Reflecting back on your college years, there are probably some memories you hold more closely than others. You might not be pining for painful group projects, long walks to class in sub-zero temperatures, or Ramen budgets. But you probably look back fondly on the football games, student org events, and the beloved student discount. We have good news: for Buckeyes, the Apple discounts don’t end with a diploma.

As the official technology store of The Ohio State University, we partnered with Apple to create the new Alumni Discount Program. This program now allows Ohio State Alumni to take advantage of Apple’s Education Price on specific hardware, including:

  • Macs
  • iPads
  • Applecare Protection Plans
  • Select Accessories 

“We’re excited to extend the Apple Education Price to all Ohio State alumni,” Chris Helman, Store Manager at Tech Hub, said. “The total discount depends on which Apple product you select, but savings can reach over a hundred dollars for some products. Plus, the Alumni purchasing program directly funds university programming.”

Alumni can purchase these discounted Apple products in store or online. Visit the Tech Hub Alumni page for more information on the Alumni Discount Program and the full list of special offers.