Do you have a cool tech idea and need some $ to fund it?

$15,000 in Student Project Grant Funding Available

Tech Hub is looking for students who have an idea to use technology in an innovative way. And we're giving away money for it! This year, we're giving away $15,000 total to a number of student projects. Apply today!

Here's the deal:

  • You must be a student at The Ohio State University (undergraduate or graduate).
  • If you also work at Ohio State, you cannot use resources at work to complete your project.
  • Newly extended deadline: You must apply on or before Wednesday, November 6 at midnight.
  • You can request up to $5,000.*
  • Your project should demonstrate a connection to technology.
  • You, or a member of your team, must commit to giving at 5-10-minute project pitch at our student voting event in November. Voting at the conclusion of this event will act as a tiebreaker for our committee decisions.
  • If selected for a grant, you will need to keep us posted. This means sending in monthly updates and photos, and presenting in the fall of 2020 on your progress.
  • Beyond our guidelines, the rest is fair game. The way technology manifests in your idea, if you work with others or by yourself, and how much money you need to achieve your vision*- that’s all up to you. Our only recommendation is to hone your project description, and provide visuals or mock-ups to help the selection committee understand your concept.
  • Once you have applied our selection committee will choose the top five projects to present at our pitch night on Wednesday, November 20. You will give a 5 to 10 minute presentation to your peers explaining your idea in more detail. The audience will vote and this will factor into the final selection of awardees. 

All majors are welcome to apply. Students studying linguistics, visual & performing arts, healthcare and more have received Tech Hub Student Project Grants. Jacklyn Brickman, a graduate student studying Art & Technology, was able to fully develop her idea for Spellbreaker thanks to the Tech Hub Student Project Grant she won in 2018. Spellbreaker utilizes carbon dioxide sensors that, when triggered by breath, emit black walnut ink through a spout. Viewers use small booklets to collect the ink droplets, visualizing their own breath and “the tree and human interrelationship.” Learn more about Spellbreaker.

*All requests are subject to evaluation by the Tech Hub grants committee. Grant funding will be determined after successful completion of the student voting event.