GoPro @ Tech Hub

We have all seen the videos of people doing crazy stunts and catching it all on their surprisingly durable GoPro(link is external)cameras. These pint size devices allow you to go or do virtually anything and come out with a high quality video feed of your adventure.  Base jumpers(link is external)surfers(link is external), and dogs(link is external) have found this to be ‘the worlds most versatile camera’.

If your approaching finals have you daydreaming about videos you could shoot on warmer, school free days, it may be time to look into a GoPro. Tech Hub offers all of the latest models, at a worthwhile discount.

The GoPro HERO Session(link is external) is the new, streamlined budget option. It is their smallest, lightest camera to date, and the square body is easily mounted with a low profile. It is also waterproof to 33 feet, and is the easiest to operate. It has the lowest video quality of the offerings, but will still record at 60 fps in 1080p. This camera is best for anyone who is looking to shoot in a tight space, or who wants a simple grab and go option. It is sold at Tech hub for $279.

If you are looking for better video quality, the HERO4 Silver(link is external) is a great option. It has the ability to record 4K video, which is a big step for a camera of this size. In addition, it has an LCD touch screen, which will allow you to see what you are filming, change settings, and review your clips, all without connecting to a second device. It is a great choice if you are looking for a camera with great video quality and a lot of shooting options; the touchscreen is also a huge plus. This model comes in at $400 directly from GoPro, but can be found at Tech Hub for $379.

The top of the line GoPro is the HERO4 Black(link is external). It has the most shooting options of the GoPro line-up, and the best video quality. Not only does it shoot video in 4K at 30fps (a more usable frame rate than the 15fps offered by the HERO4 Silver), it offers 1080p at 120fps. This means you can shoot slow-motion video in full HD, which is a big deal if you plan on using the footage on bigger screens.  While there is no touch screen on this model, the big draw is the high quality footage that it enables. It can be found online for $500 or at Tech Hub for $479.

Tech Hub also offers the HERO plus(link is external) and the HERO3 plus(link is external), which are older models that GoPro no longer carries. These can be a great way to start using GoPro at an easier price point.  In addition to cameras we stock accessories for mounting, and cases for models that are not waterproof.

Like what you see? Avoid shipping costs, and save on the sticker price as well when you buy at Tech Hub. Get filming!