Tech Resources to Use This Summer

What did you do this summer? We have all been asked this; and then cringed internally. You may not be able to say ‘studied abroad in Rome’ or ‘went skydiving’ but you could say ‘made a 3-D phone case’ or ‘developed an app with Oculus rift’. All you have to do is try out some of the great (and did we mention, FREE) tech resources available on campus. Once you decide to stop watching Friends re-runs on Netflix. We know that’s important too.

Check out these awesome tech resources this summer:

Free 3-D printing

Whether you are in the market for a micro planter chess set or just want to print a new idea, 3-D printing at the Digital Union (DU) is a great opportunity to try something new. Ten jobs are printed weekly, and during the summer reduced campus population = more opportunities to print. If this sounds daunting, don’t worry. The DU website has a wealth of resources to guide you through finding a print and submitting your application. Choose a premade design from a host of websites, or download the software and get creative. Add 3-D printing to your summer, right after you finish the new season of Orange is the New Black.

Learn with Lynda

A bit of school, without all of the homework. offers free video tutorials that will walk you through coding, marketing, InDesign and a host of other topics. This is an awesome way to learn a new program, or just brush up on your perpetually rusty Photoshop skills. You can access Lynda for free through the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML). Apply online for a CML card to access tutorials anytime, anywhere. Once you have signed up for a card you can access tutorials with your account number and pin on the CML Lynda page. Tutorials can be viewed from any computer with an internet connection or from a mobile device through the app. If you are not in Columbus, you can request a two week pass from the DU.

Developer Kit

Summer can be a great time to tinker with an idea, or perfect your existing project. The Tech Hub Student Developer Kit is designed to let you create your next project with the newest tech, for free. No kidding. We have items like the Myo Armband, Structure Sensor, Oculus Rift, and Google Glass available for loan to help you develop your next app, hardware solution, or tech project. Contact us, or visit in store to check out one of our items.

Software at The Digital Union

Whether you want to edit your GoPro footage in Final Cut, apply those new skills, or just spruce up your vacation photos, buying the software to do so can get expensive. Visit the Digital Union Locations at Stillman, Denny, and Prior Hall to access the software you need for your summer projects. Desktop computers at the DU have all of the programs you will need. And oh yeah, the labs are air conditioned. Vital.

Try something new this summer and check out all of the features available at Tech Hub and the Digital Union. What did you do this summer? Let us know on Twitter.