Apple Hardware Updates in Store

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference keynote wrapped up this Tuesday and there is a lot to share. Between OS updates, product launches and some hilarious videos, we weren’t sure where to start. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing news of OS launches, but we’re starting with the new products coming to the store.

Check out the exciting updates below:

*We will continue to update this post and our Twitter feed as updated products arrive in store*

Coming Soon

MacBook and MacBook Pro 

Iterations coming to MacBook pro and MacBook include higher drive capacities and new Intel ‘Kaby Lake’ processors. These updates come after a full refresh in October of last year. The 13-inch MacBook Pro will now have a lower entry-level price.

MacBook Air

The Air will now come with a more powerful 1.8 GHz processor.


The signature desktop will be getting a faster processer, better display, more memory capacity and USB-C ports. It also includes graphics boosts making it suitable for VR content creation.

iPad Pro (We expect to have these sometime in early July)

Both the 12.5-inch and new 10.5-inch models now come with smaller bezels. This means the larger 10.5-inch screen fits in a only slightly larger body size than the 9.7-inch model. In addition to sleek style upgrades (and some cool new accessories), the iPad pro is faster and features a better camera than before. Coming this fall, iOS 11 will add features like a file management app that mimics what you use on your laptop or desktop and a multitasking feature that makes it easier to have multiple windows and views open simultaneously.

Things We Will See Later This Year

iMac Pro

We got a preview of the new iMac Pro during the keynote, but will have to wait until it ships in December to get it in store. This super-powerful space grey desktop features a 5K display and 8-core Xeon processor that can be upgraded to a staggering 18-core. It will also feature up to 4TB of Solid State storage, and built in 10 GB Ethernet. Tim Cook called it ‘pretty badass’ and we’re inclined to agree.

HomePod (shipping in December)

Siri is just an ask away with HomePod, the newly released smart speaker. HomePod is first and foremost a great compact home speaker. The high-excursion woofer provides rich bass and seven tweeters around the speaker make it sound great no matter where you are in the room. It can even sense where it is in the room and adjust acoustics accordingly. The Homepod can do more than play your favorite music; it can control smart home accessories and answer basic questions like “What’s the weather?”   

Want to check in on the status of these updates coming to the store? Check our Twitter or contact us and we’d be happy share the current shipment status.