Changes in Store: iPad Offerings

If you’ve been following Apple releases of late, you know that there is a new iPad offering on the scene. The newly released 9.7 inch iPad, starting at $299.99, is Apple’s most affordable iPad ever.

9.7-inch iPad: The Casual User

With retina display, a speedy A-9 chip processor and loads of apps to make your life easier the new 9.7 inch iPad has all the features you love about iPad at a great price. It is a good choice for students who don’t use the iPad as their primary computing device, but are looking to use it to make FaceTime calls, write email and watch Netflix to name a few. Additionally: it has plenty of storage for all your photos, movies or candy crush data. iPad pricing starts at $299.

9.7 or 12.9-inch iPad Pro: The Student

If you are looking to use iPad for school as your primary computer, we suggest iPad pro. It comes with the fastest processing speeds, larger screens (in the 12.9-inch model) and the ability to work with external devices such as Apple Pencil®. The iPad pro can also attach to an external keyboard for typing out notes or writing term papers. This is a great option for on-the-go students who need a lightweight portable device with all the processing power of a laptop. 9.7-inch models start at $555 and 12.9-inch models start at $845.

iPad Mini 4® has been updated to offer more storage for the same price. 128GB models now start at $365.

What about the iPad Air 2® you may ask? We still have a few models left in stock at a $50 discount. If you would like to purchase one of these models, act fast before we run out. Wondering what we have left? For our most up-to-date information please call us at (614)292-8883.

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