Coming Soon: Apple Software Updates

File systems, message pay and more; big changes are coming to Mac OS and iOS this Fall. Not only were there large-scale product drops at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (HomePod anyone?!) but there are big software updates set to arrive on a desktop or mobile device near you.

Take a look at our brief review of the software updates coming to Apple devices this year.

iOS 11

This upcoming update will affect iPhone and iPad, making them more capable and effective. The Beta is available now if you’re interested in test-driving the new features.

  • iPad Updates
    • Files app: Arguably the most important thing about iOS 11—this new app allows you to browse, organize and search your files. This means you can look at files in apps, on your other iOS devices, in iCloud, and across services like Box.
    • Dock: The new dock is now visible from any screen and will hold more apps than before. It will also suggest apps similar to what you’re already using, such as the new files app appearing when you’re writing an email so you can easily include an attachment.
    • Multitasking: iOS 11 will now allow you to work on two apps simultaneously in split-screen mode. You can have your paper and research open at the same time, and switch easily between the two.
  • All iOS Devices
    • Apple Pay in messages: Pay your friends back for that dinner out directly through messenger with the new update.
    • Photo updates: Combine loop videos with live photos, as well as edit your pictures with the new portrait filters.
    • Additional changes: The App Store, Apple Music and Siri are all getting facelifts. The update will also include a customizable control center, a more robust lock screen, and fun features like one-handed typing.

Mac OS: High Sierra

High Sierra is the next OS update planned for Mac which builds on the Sierra update from (insert date here). If you’re a regular user, it’s unlikely you’ll notice a huge difference. Here’s some highlights you can expect to find in High Sierra:

  • Photos app: The rework offers a wider selection of tools including curves (color tuning) and a ‘compare’ button that allows you to reference the original when editing. If you would like more robust editing options, Photos now lets you move images into third party software like Photoshop for additional fine tuning.
  • Safari: No more unexpected videos auto-playing. The browser will now stop unexpected videos from playing or automatically mute the sound.
  • File System: Mac will now move over to the Apple File system which is faster, more efficient and secure than the previous system. It will take up less storage space, copy files faster and makes backups easier and more reliable.

If you are interested in taking the new OS for a spin before its predicted fall release, the public beta is available for download now.

Curious about these updates? Drop by the store, we’d love to chat it and discuss why we’re excited.