Microsoft Surface is #New2OSU

It’s a Laptop, it’s a tablet, it’s a laplet? Tabtop? We’ll just stick with calling it Microsoft surface. This versatile computer goes from laptop to tablet in a snap, has high functioning digital pen capabilities, and connects seamlessly to your other devices. It can go from group project meetings, to art class, and still help you cram for that midterm you totally forgot about.

Surface is #New2osu this summer, and we’re pretty excited about it. Check out Surface and see which model is right for you:


Surface Pro 4- Gets it done. With a colorful detachable keyboard and a foldout back stand Surface Pro 4 can fit on your desk, squeeze onto lecture hall tables, and prop itself up for some late night Netflix. It comes with Surface pen, which allows you to use the tablet as your high-tech sketch pad. The lightweight design and flexible functionality makes Surface Pro 4 a great choice for anyone constantly on the go that wants a tablet with the power of a laptop.    


Surface Book- Get creative. The surface book is an acrobat, letting you fold its screen back and use it as a full canvas to write on with the surface pen. You can operate desktop software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and use the pen to annotate homework, websites and more. Even with the capacity for creativity, it doesn’t sacrifice everyday functionality, featuring a full-size backlit keyboard perfect for late nights typing essays. This is a great device for those wanting the laptop experience with a little added flexibility.

Which Surface is your favorite? Let us know on social and stop by in store and check out our new Surface kiosk by the bleachers.