You’re Invited to The 2016 Student Tech Forum

Do you have opinions about technology at The Ohio State University? Do you like the idea of free pizza in exchange for sharing your thoughts? If so, join us Tuesday, October 4, 6 - 7 p.m. for free pizza and casual gathering to discuss technology at Ohio State.

Whether you use the Ohio State mobile app constantly, rely on Carmen for that Syllabus you lost the first day of class, or store all of your files (and cat videos) on BuckeyeBox, we all have technology we care about at Ohio State. This is your chance to tell the people who make decisions about Carmen, develop the Ohio State app, and add WiFi to the oval which tech features you love and how we can make them better. Ask questions, voice your opinion, and contribute to the future of technology on campus.

Early adopters and technophobes alike are welcome. Whether you are #New2OSU or preparing for graduation, we're looking for all types of users to give us feedback.

In addition to refreshments and the opportunity to give feedback directly to decision makers, you will also receive a portable phone charger and a dual USB charging block.

Add yourself to our Facebook invite to get reminders closer to the event. No RSVP required (but marking ‘going’ does help us get the right amount of pizza, which is important).

The Office of the Chief Information Officer and Office of Distance Education and eLearning are committed to using your feedback to make decisions around technology services at Ohio State. Bring a friend to Tech Hub and have your voices heard!